The Harlech Oven Roller Door Catch features two free running spring loaded rollers to allow smooth, easy door opening, together with long reliable life expectancy.

There are several variations and combinations of Catch and Stud, including specials to customer requirements.

doorcatchTypical Applications:

  • Oven Catches
  • Cookers
  • Cabinets
  • Domestic Appliance
 Roller Catch (examples)
 Ref.  Length   Width  Hole Centres   Hole Type 
 9710  62mm  19mm  47.6mm  No 8 Self Tap 
 9622  65mm  19mm  54mm  No 8 Self Tap
 0098  62mm  19mm   47.6mm  4.8mm dia


 Stud (examples) 
 Ref.   Lenght   Dia   Thread 
 0481   37.5mm   6mm dia   M6 
 1204   37mm   8mm Hex   M5