Medical use components

Shipping approximately 6000 medical use components per month ranging from single use CNC sliding head stainless steel parts, to pressed and assembled components utilising in-house designed and manufactured press tools and assembly jigs. Heronstone is perfectly suited to provide a fully finished product or provide the tools and supports needed for you to achieve in-house production.



Providing multiple components ranging from small and large aluminium connector blocks and fittingsĀ for car radiator systems and components for gear box and clutch systems to meter long CNC machined electrical contact bodies for the electrified rail, Heronstone hasĀ the experience, capability and capacity to fulfil the demands of the automotive manufacturing industry.

Large volume production CNC milling is available through in-house design and manufacturing of complex jigs and fixturing allowing us to reduce time cycles while fitting more parts into each run and thus reducing the cost of manufacturing.



From the CNC engraving of stainless steel face plates for the cigarette market to large volume production in excess of 30,000 units per month of brass components for use in computer motherboards to large volume press production of high light reflection components for use in the household domestic market. Heronstone is perfectly suited to achieve a fully finished product for the domestic market.